Main myths about video poker

Some gamblers trust various myths and misconceptions regarding online casino games. The users believe fiction stories about the slot machines, table games and video poker. Main myths related to video poker are described in this article.

Mechanism of video poker

We will not dwell on the rules of GCLUB video poker. However, we should note that here all winnings depend on the work of the random number generator. The specificity of work of RNG is as follows:

  • Virtual deck of cards is shuffled constantly, even if the user took a break from the game.
  • That is, the cards are shuffled constantly.
  • If the client pressed Deal, 5 top cards from the deck appear the screen.
  • After that, the cards are shuffled.
  • If the user wants to change the cards, RNG will take top cards from the deck again.

Such specifics of work provide random dealing results. Accordingly, it is impossible to predict them. Thus, random number generator acts as a croupier.

The proven online casino with the licensed software doesn’t affect the work of RNG, as it would be a violation of gambling laws. If the regulator finds out that the gaming portal uses cheating software, online casino will lose its license. Unfortunately, such situations have occurred repeatedly.

The most common misconceptions about video poker

Many myths about video poker are the same as about the slot machines. After all, both types of gambling games work on the basis of the RNG. Let’s consider the misconceptions about poker.

“Hot” and “cold” games

Almost every gambler faced the fact that the device didn’t give out winning combinations for a certain period of time (or on the contrary, there were always good deals). This resulted in the tale about “cold” and “hot” video pokers.

Actually, it is impossible to predict the work of the online device. After each deal, one out of 2.500.000 combinations can drop out by accident. With the help of RNG, one of them can be formed on the playing field. Regularities that determine the drop sequence of specific hands are absent in video poker.

Therefore, it is useless to believe that GCLUB video poker contains some mechanisms for the loss of combinations.

Some players think that if a jackpot was hit on a particular machine, it will not give winnings for some time (that is, it will be “cold”). And vice versa, if the slot machine didn’t bring winnings for a long time, it will “give out” profitable combinations after a couple of hands.

“Charged” devices

Of course, if the client of online casino loses constantly, he/she may suspect that a non-original software is presented on the resource. You might even think that the player has become a victim of a certain conspiracy theory.

But the fair question is:

Why make a deposit to the casino that initially arouses the user’s suspicions?

Large gaming content suppliers strictly forbid their operators to interfere with the work of the RNG. Therefore, licensed online casinos can’t “tweak” the software used.

The presence of club cards affects the game process

Often, offline and online casinos give their clients the club cards as a bonus. Their availability gives the casino client additional advantages. For example, you can get the game statistics and extra bonuses, as well as participate in promotional giveaways and tournaments for free.

But not all players decide to buy a club card. A common reason for this is the fear that because of the presence of such card in video poker, winning hands are given out less often. The casino clients state that this way, the establishment or web resource cover their expenses.

Actually, the purchase and use of club card doesn’t affect the game process, because they aren’t related to the work of the RNG. The rules, conditions and probable results of the game on online machines are the same for all users.

Belief in intuition

Video poker is not an entertainment where one should listen to foreboding. Of course, an intuitive illogical solution sometimes leads to a successful combination. But it is better to act according to the specific situation using mathematical calculations. Intuitive play doesn’t work for a long period of time.

Exchange cards are determined in advance

User often believe that the exchanged cards are determined even before the player decides to change sheets. But we should remind you that RNG constantly shuffles cards in the deck.

After a combination of 5 cards appears on the screen, other cards continue to shuffle.

Programmed deal results

One of the most common myths is that every video poker game has a certain winning and losing streak. Therefore, one of the most common myths is that every video poker game has a certain winning and losing streak.

However, this myth also contradicts the work of the RNG. According to the manufacturers of gaming machines, the outcome of each hand depends on random algorithms.

Of course, no gamer risks to get a series of unsuccessful hands, but this means that they are pre-programmed.

Search for a better device

Gambling enthusiasts often change their games in order to find a luckier one. And it is good if such strategy adds more optimism and confidence to the user. However, the search for a more successful game doesn’t increase the likelihood of receiving the cherished big win.

Video poker – the possibility of a stable income

Many gamblers really manage to use online casino games as a way of earning. But often, such method of receiving a permanent income doesn’t work. This is due to the following reasons:

the casino doesn’t have devices with an RTP of 100%, because then the operator wouldn’t find it profitable to offer gambling services;

  • there are often restrictions on the use of bonuses for the fans of video poker;
  • you need to make a really large deposit to survive a series of losses. However, a large bankroll is not a guarantee if constant winnings.

Therefore, it is better to play video poker only for entertainment and pleasant pastime. It is necessary to determine in advance the amount that you don’t mind losing without exceeding its limits.


To make the game of video poker enjoyable, you need to forget about all sorts of myths, make the most of the lucrative bonuses and promotions offered by the site and have fun only in the proven licensed online casinos.

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